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Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms provide a delay from a perpetrator's attack and allows Local Authorities a reasonable timeframe to respond. In certain remote areas, the response time can be significant from time of call. We recommend a one to two hours Safe Room delay entry time frame. The design of the room is kept on a need to know basis.Covert approach is preferred. Main features of a Safe Room include (but are not limited to): communication, video surveillance, gas masks, medical kit, water, facilities, bullet resistant walls, floors, and ceilings, sound control and weapon deployment. Each room is carefully and individually designed to avoid being compromised.

Media Rooms

Media Rooms are designed with the client in mind. The overall theater experience is captured with each room individually. Sound, vision, design, comfort, and noise control are the ultimate challenges in many locations. Establishing a proper solution produces a space that will be enjoyed for may years.

Acoustical Room Treatment

Spa, reading rooms, meditation rooms, and music appreciation rooms are all designed with proper acoustical elements to provide an acoustical correct space. In many situations, design of the dedicated room has a great impact on the ultimate use of the room.

Architectural General Contractor Services

SafeNet has over 10 years of Design-Build experience with commercial build-outs, additions, and new residences. We focus on the clients specific design preferences, security needs, and comfort requirements.