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Detection Systems

Throughout the years, SafeNet has focused on optimizing sensor combinations to accurately trigger the detection system for burglar, fire, environmental, medical, and customized requirements by our customers. An organic balance of layered devices eliminates costly false alarms.

Access Control

Personnel traffic management and events data storage allow for proper flow, time restrictions, and analysis of activity (with times and dates) of entry to specific locations. Hardware and software integration allows for proper deployment of one or more doors.

Closed circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television systems allow for one or more users to supervise on/off site with playback of video events.


Telephone systems are categorized into various types:

Safenet’s experience in customization, allows our team to deploy a scalable successful system for the end user.


A network is a system of digital messages organized in order to communicate via seven layers of OSI (open system interconnection). Selection of the right backbone components will maximize performance. SafeNet's expertise in deploying high traffic networks allows the end user to enjoy the benefits and features of all network appliances without sacrificing the overall performance.

Distributed Audio

Distributed Audio system maintain an optimum ambient of the areas covered. The design purpose is to acoustically create and enhance the experience, whether for entertaining or relaxing. That experience continues throughout the areas covered, eliminating dead zones.

Distributed Video

Flat screen displays have changed the way TVs are utilized. SafeNet focuses on installing and providing the right Flat screen displays for the application, keeping in mind the functionality of the design intent, eliminating the visibility of wires and sources. Installing sources in a centralized location allow end user for multiple displays and set the stage for a clean sophisticated experience.


Whole home light control saves energy, increases comfort, and provides an elegant solution eliminating unnecessary switches. Control of lights and pathways becomes possible from integrated systems/smart phone.

Electronic Shade

SafeNet provides elegant and quiet window treatment solutions for privacy and daylight management, while saving energy and enhancing décor.


Integrated Thermostats for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems can save up to 60% of the consumed energy . This solution easily pays for itself in months. Retrofit installation by our qualified technicians starts saving you money immediately.


SafeNet utilizes the best practices for cabling, allowing for properly integrated systems to be installed with maximum bandwidth and proper data transmission. Planning a structured approach such us labeling, segmenting, and proper documentation (in addition to predicting proper expansion and future deployment) allows for a solid infrastructure while minimizing additional wiring.


Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms provide a delay from a perpetrator's attack and allows Local Authorities a reasonable timeframe to respond. In certain remote areas, the response time can be significant from time of call. We recommend a one to two hours Safe Room delay entry time frame. The design of the room is kept on a need to know basis. Covert approach is preferred. Main features of a Safe Room include (but are not limited to): communication, video surveillance, gas masks, medical kit, water, facilities, bullet resistant walls, floors, and ceilings, sound control and weapon deployment. Each room is carefully and individually designed to avoid being compromised.

Media Rooms

Media Rooms are designed with the client in mind. The overall theater experience is captured with each room individually. Sound, vision, design, comfort, and noise control are the ultimate challenges in many locations. Establishing a proper solution produces a space that will be enjoyed for may years.

Acoustical Room Treatment

Spa, reading rooms, meditation rooms, and music appreciation rooms are all designed with proper acoustical elements to provide an acoustical correct space. In many situations, design of the dedicated room has a great impact on the ultimate use of the room.

Architectural General Contractor Services

SafeNet has over 10 years of Design-Build experience with commercial build-outs, additions, and new residences. We focus on the clients specific design preferences, security needs, and comfort requirements.

Man power

Personal Protection Specialist

SafeNet provides discreet personnel required to operate all of the electronic needs of our clients. We provide physical close security for Dignitaries, Celebrities, and anyone that wishes to have this option.